Your one-stop web resource providing safety and security information to manufacturers, a hacker forum, suffered a breach and its members’ details ended up revealed. is a forum where half a million users discuss leaks, monetization methods, cracks, and coding, according to a report from Risk Based Security.

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The website is also a place where people buy and sell services, products and compromised credentials.

On May 6, a 1.3Gb archive containing a 9.45Gb database file that stores the details of over 536,000 user accounts, including usernames, email addresses, hashed passwords, registration dates and IP addresses ended up leaked.

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Attackers also made available over 800,000 personal messages exchanged by the site’s users, and thousands of purchase records and invoices.’s VIP users also suffered from the attack. The compromised database contains a table for VIP access payments, including IDs that can match up to specific users, payment methods, dates, amounts, and PayPal email addresses.

Additionally, researchers found the leaked data includes API credentials for payment gateways, authentication logs, geolocation data, and donation records.

Risk Based Security reviewed the email addresses and found some are government domains from the United States, Philippines, Jordan, Brazil, Malaysia, Macao and Turkey.

It’s unclear at this time who is behind the attack and how they managed to obtain the database. However, researchers said the forum consists of the IP.Board forum software, which does suffer from vulnerabilities.

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