HazMat crews investigated a massive flaring at a refinery in Torrance, CA, caused by an electrical disturbance on Wednesday, officials said.

Torrance firefighters responded to the ExxonMobil refinery just before 6 p.m. after the flaring began.

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Southern California Edison said a Mylar balloon hit a power line in the Torrance area, causing a “system disturbance” which resulted in a voltage dip.

“Operations were interrupted, so they can’t just hit a button and shut the flow off of everything. So they divert the hydrocarbon to the flares,” said Battalion Chief Bob Millea with the Torrance Fire Department.

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Fire crews monitored air quality levels in the area as the flame continued to burn.

As a result of the flaring, firefighters closed off local streets around the facility.

The all-clear was given around 2 a.m. Thursday, and all roads have since reopened.

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