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Honeywell unveiled new features for its 900 Control Station touch screen operator interface, part of the HC900 Control System, used in industrial facilities to control standalone processes and SCADA applications.
The 900 Control Station includes new features that allow engineers to more quickly configure the system and operators to monitor their processes more efficiently and reduce data entry error.
The HC900 Control System includes hybrid control solutions used in processes such as thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns and dryers. It is also ideal for small-unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel and pilot-plant applications. Its newly enhanced features include thermal batch management and reporting, expanded remote access, improved alarm monitoring and security for standalone and small process control applications.
Process alarming from the HC900 controller, for instance, now integrates into the operator interface, which means plants save installation time by not having to set up separate display alarming. Additionally, the system features automated barcode data entry, which allows operators to quickly enter required batch identification data and reduces chances for human error. Operators can also access data from the interface via cell phone to remotely monitor the system.
The HC900 Control System is also available through Honeywell’s network of distributors and system integrators. For more information regarding the 900 Control Station, go to Honeywell Process Solutions.


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