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Control system security incidents occur all the time and the more knowledge the industry has of these incidents, the better off everyone will be. That is why the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI) is requesting submitting incidents so they add them to their database.

Reporting incident data provides valuable information, so when they are compiled and analyzed they can provide a view of trends that may be occurring. They can also show those trends and possible solutions on how to prevent them.

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RISI Report: Malware Growing
Not your Father’s Control System

Incidents reported to RISI are for the purpose of industrial security education. Sharing your information will help the automation community secure their processes which ultimately will protect their assets, employees, communities and the environment.

A new online incident report form is now available. You can complete the form online and submit it directly. Any qualified submission will earn one free month of access to the valuable RISI database.

Cyber Security

For those concerned about protecting their identity, the new form requires no contact information in order to submit an incident. To further ensure confidentiality, we disable email and IP address collection.

If you would prefer a full membership to the Security Incidents Organization at a discounted price, then click here through As a part of the organization, you can get a discounted copy of various valuable reports.

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