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LILIN Americas launched the ZFR8122 series 120 frames-per-second (fps) full HD (1080P) IP bullet camera, which is capable of streaming HD images of extremely fast-moving objects.

In an effort to expand in the IP video surveillance market, LILIN Americas introduced the ZFR8122 series 120 frames-per-second (fps) full HD (1080P) IP bullet camera, capable of streaming HD images of extremely fast-moving objects for improved monitoring, surveillance and safety applications.

By capturing double the frames of standard 60 fps camera, the ZFR8122 empowers security professionals to analyze video playback using frame-by-frame replay in clear, sharp detail.

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“The camera’s extra frames are valuable,” said Joe Cook, general manager of LILIN Americas. “For most standard applications, 30 or 60 frames per second are practical solutions. When the application requirement includes high speed imaging of fast moving objects, such as a dealer handling playing cards at a casino or a train quickly moving through a rail crossing, the 120fps ZFR8122 provides twice the amount of frames available from traditional IP cameras allowing the person reviewing playback more distinguishable details for image analysis.”

The ZFR8122 fits niche applications which include manufacturing processes and traffic monitoring among many others, Cook said.

Featuring 120db high dynamic range (HDR) mode and 35M IR Illumination, the ZFR8122 is able to bring out the detail from both shadow areas and highlighted areas.

With real-time H.264 and Motion JPEG compression technology, extra smooth video quality with resolution of up to 120fps frame rate at 1080P is secured.

In addition, the camera features video analytics functions including motion detection, tampering detection, audio detection, tripwire, object counting, and the popular traffic light detection function. Users have a choice of remote autofocus motorized lens.

Choose from the standard application 2.8-12mm or the telephoto 7-22mm optical zoom lens for capturing video at further distance popular in transportation and city surveillance applications.

It can be mounted indoors or outdoors since its apparatus is housed within a rain- and dust-resistant weatherproof enclosure built to the IP66 standard. And because it is ONVIF Profile S compliant it is compatible with many third-party IP-based physical security products.

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