Honeywell released its new quality control system (QCS) designed to help papermakers easily improve their paper quality while reducing maintenance and service costs.
By integrating with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), Experion MX allows mill operators to use a single software platform to control all critical mill functions, including process control, safety and security, and others. This can reduce training requirements and provide easier access to everything from mill-wide production planning to individual process control loops.
“Given the challenging economic climate, paper mills are scrutinizing technology to see if it can help operations run more efficiently and cost effectively,” said Jack Ross, global business leader of Honeywell’s pulp and paper business. “Experion MX embodies all of these qualities with its easier installation and operation, more efficient service and maintenance to provide the lowest total cost of ownership.”
Experion MX can save service and maintenance costs with its new scanner design and modular sensors. It also features new maintenance planning and diagnostic tools designed to reduce unplanned shutdowns and help mills more easily forecast labor and parts requirements. Experion MX can help mills improve operational efficiency by up to 5 percent and production by up to 10 percent. It can also help reduce raw materials consumption by up to 3 percent.
Experion MX features integrated process performance analysis systems, such as web inspection, web monitoring and condition monitoring to easily track the root cause of breaks, defects and process variability for more efficient production with less waste.

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