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Honeywell’s Experion Safety Manager to the Achilles Level I evaluation standard gained communication security and robustness certification from exida.

Certification provides equipment manufacturers with an independently verified and internationally recognized means to demonstrate the resiliency of their Ethernet-enabled critical control and safety systems.

“There is a growing urgency within hydrocarbon processing industries and other critical infrastructure sectors to ensure that their control systems are protected from intentional or accidental cyber threats,” said John Cusimano, director of cyber security solutions for exida, a provider of safety and security certifications. “This is particularly crucial for safety instrumented systems (SIS) that are often the last line of defense in preventing serious process safety incidents.

“Functional safety certification has been a mandatory SIS requirement for years, but it does not address cyber vulnerabilities,” Cusimano said. “Functional security, in combination with functional safety, is critical in assessing the overall integrity of a SIS. Communication robustness testing, such as Achilles Level I, provides the foundation of such a program.”

Cyber Security

“Achieving Achilles Level I certification from exida is a key step in demonstrating that the Honeywell Safety Manager meets stringent industry best practices and performance benchmarks for safety and security,” said Kevin Staggs, engineering fellow at Honeywell Process Solutions.

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