In a move to boost its security presence, Hewlett-Packard wants to hike businesses’ monitoring powers 10-fold.

HP’s ArcSight Threat Detector 2.0, Threat Response Manager 5.5 and IdentityView 2.5 services focus on utilizing the computer giant’s big data products to let companies spot odd or atypical network activity faster.

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The products add features to HP’s ArcSight portfolio. Specifically HP ArcSight Threat Detector 2.0 will offer out-of-the-box threat profiles and threat profile intelligence services. Meanwhile the Threat Response Manager 5.5 will come with new cloud-ready, closed-loop capabilities designed to speed up firm’s threat detection and response time. IdentityView 2.5 will feature enhanced user identity tracking services.

HP said the upgraded services will improve the enterprise’s ability to handle and process information at high velocity, volume and variety, analyze structured and unstructured data, monitor events in cloud, mobile and virtual environments and automatically take action once it detects a threat.

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HP vice president and general manager for ArcSight, Enterprise Security Products, Haiyan Song, said the services will help firms mitigate the increased number of targeted threats facing them.

“Adversaries only need to get it right once to invoke serious damage on an organization’s private data, ability to provide critical service or corporate reputation,” said Song.

“With solutions designed to enhance threat detection through improved security analytics for big data, HP enables customers to quickly identify potential attackers and take action proactively to minimize business impact and prevent disruption to critical client services.”

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