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By Gregory Hale
Safety and security took center stage Monday.

“Safety Manager is the first platform to gain ISASecure certification,” Jason Urso, vice president technology at Honeywell Process Solutions said today during his product technology overview keynote address at the Honeywell User Group in Phoenix, AZ.

ISASecure certification is based on a security validation process that is an order of magnitude more rigorous than any other certification. It indicates a far higher level of security in both the product and its intended use.

“We designed Experion with the same focus on longevity than we did in the TDC Platform, giving you the greatest lifecycle than any platform on the market. And when it comes to security “We build security directly into the platform,” Urso said. “We don’t add it in later.”

Cyber Security

While Urso did give an extended presentation on all of Honeywell’s technology launches and how far they have come and long range views, he also said technology is only as good as the people using it.

“We start with the most critical asset – your people,” Urso said. “By giving your people the information they need in the context they need it we can help them make better decisions faster and in doing so, they can help reduced plant capacity losses in your facilities.”

He mentioned total cost of ownership and talked about how to extend the life of existing systems.
One of the ways to reduce cost of ownership is to employ their new virtualization technology, he said.

Another way to increase productivity and profitability is to cut down on unplanned downtime as a result of process safety issues.

“One of the top root causes of process safety upsets is operator training. Forty-two percent of process incidents are linked to improper operation or action. What if you can capture a life time of experiences, learn from others mistakes, train on best practices and prepare for upcoming operations all from within a safe environment. That is what UniSim operations allows you to do.” It is a platform keeps track of operating training records.

Alarms are also a root cause to process safety incidents.

“In the final minutes before a process safety critical action takes place, operators are overwhelmed with alerts when we need them to make the most critical decisions,” he said. “We can help by giving them a systematic approach to improve alarm management.”

He added Honeywell will add alarm management into Experion available in August 2012.

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