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HyTrust dealt for HighCloud Security, a provider of cloud encryption and key management software.

By combining HyTrust’s administrative visibility and control with HighCloud’s strengths in encryption and key management, the acquisition brings users the potential to address security, compliance and data privacy requirements in all cloud environments — private, public and hybrid.

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“With the increasing prevalence of data breaches, leaks of classified information by insiders, and surveillance in the cloud, data security and privacy are more important than perhaps ever before,” said HyTrust Chief Executive John De Santis. “Cloud computing in all its forms has become the top technology priority for every enterprise, and that’s why we’ve quadrupled our growth at HyTrust in just the past year. By bringing HighCloud Security’s market-leading technologies into the HyTrust family of solutions, we can take to market the strongest protection for virtualized cloud infrastructure available anywhere.”

The combined offering from HyTrust and HighCloud enables ‘cloaked’ private, hybrid and public clouds and helps address three of the primary security concerns in cloud environments. These are:
• The broad level of access available to privileged users with malicious intent (or those who acquire their credentials)
• Breaches and other data center disasters caused not by criminal intent but through human error or misconfiguration
• Challenges involved in maintaining the security and privacy of the data itself.

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“HyTrust represents the control point for cloud management, providing automated policy-based security for private cloud environments that can enable both trusted hybrid clouds and ‘cloaked’ public clouds,” said Eric Chiu, president and founder of HyTrust. “HighCloud encryption, meanwhile, can be deployed in private, hybrid and public clouds, ensuring data security and privacy as organizations migrate between these environments.”

Cloud computing, and the security concerns that go with it, remain a top priority for most organizations. According to technology analyst firm Gartner Inc., nearly half of large enterprises have deployed a private cloud service and three-fourths expect to have hybrid cloud deployments by 2015.2 A full 80% of organizations intend to use cloud services in some form within the next year, while 60% plan to increase their investment in the next two to five years.

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