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Centrica’s Peterborough and Kings Lynn gas plants will resume service for 4-5 weeks under a short-term capacity contract with transmission system operator National Grid, company officials said.

“National Grid are doing some transmission work in the area and as a result we have a short-term contract for Peterborough and Kings Lynn to return to service if we give them capacity cover in the area,” the spokesman said.

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The two plants have a combined capacity of around 745 megawatts (MW).

Centrica will start making extra capacity available on July 25 and the contract will end on Sept. 2, National Grid said.

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The two companies did not provide any details of how much National Grid agreed to pay Centrica for providing extra capacity.

Maximum export limit at the Peterborough plant stood at 155 MW on Monday afternoon, while it was still at zero at Kings Lynn, National Grid data showed.

Centrica idled the two gas-fired plants earlier this year due to low profitability on the back of high gas prices.

Profits from burning gas for power generation have been low since early this year as gas prices have gained on the back of civil unrest in North Africa and the Middle East and additonal gas demand in Japan.

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