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Oil leaked into a small creek running Norris City, IL, with the substance staining the creek banks and vegetation along the edges.

Oil leaked into a small creek running under County Road 950 North near Norris City, IL, last week with the substance staining the creek banks and vegetation along the edges, along with a puddle of it in an open area.

The landowner who discovered the oil tells said he reported it to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, the agency arrived on the scene and started to conduct an investigation.

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The landowner traced the oil’s origin to the north end of his property which meets up to TrueFlo Solutions. The company disposes of waste from oil drilling, specifically hydraulic fracturing.

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TrueFlo Solutions said they had nothing to do with the spill.

“Based on our internal investigation and the site property investigation, the residue and the oil contained in the creek did not come from our facility,” said vice president Melissa Trout.

TrueFlo points blame upstream to a former EPA superfund site.

“The product that leaked into that creek has come from the north all the way to where it has settled where there is a blockage in the creek,” Trout said.

The Illinois EPA confirms an ongoing investigation into the origin of the oil and what action it will take. So far, it’s instructed TrueFlo to hire a clean up contractor. Something TrueFlo said its already begun doing.

The Illinois EPA’s investigation aims to determine the origin of the oil, the amount, and what penalty those responsible will face.

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