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Glendale Heights, IL-based Hudapack Metal Treating of Illinois Inc. is facing $181,662 in fines for 21 serious health and safety violations, said officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Investigators inspected the company in December after an employee was electrocuted while using a damaged portable lamp when cleaning the inside of a metal tank.

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A second employee suffered electrical shock injuries in an attempt to assist the injured co-worker.

Inspectors determined the lamp’s cord had exposed bare conductors, and the lamp was unsuitable for use in wet locations. They also found a damaged extension cord used to connect the lamp to power.

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OSHA cited the employer for failing to use electrical safety work practices, provide appropriate personal protective equipment, train employees about electrical hazards, and repair damaged electrical outlets. OSHA also cited the company for exposing employees to falls, and failing to implement lockout/tagout procedures and a permit-required confined space program.

“This tragedy underscores the requirement that companies provide training on working safely with electricity, and conduct regular assessments of existing work conditions to eliminate potential safety hazards,” said OSHA Area Director Jacob Scott in Naperville, Illinois.

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