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Operators at Exelon’s Quad-Cities Generating Station returned Unit 2 to full power Tuesday, marking the end of the unit’s scheduled refueling outage.

During the outage, which began March 21, workers performed more than 11,800 detailed inspections, maintenance activities and equipment upgrades at the nuclear plant near Cordova, IL, Exelon said.

Nuke Relief Valves Force Inspection
Faulty Bolts Found at NY Nuke
Pilgrim Starting Maintenance Program
Alabama Nuke Running after Refueling

“The work performed during this outage will help us provide this region with reliable, around-the-clock, electricity for the next 24-month operating cycle,” Site Vice President Scott Darin said.

Included in the work was replacing and updating equipment as well as replacing about one-third of the nuclear fuel.

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More than 1,800 temporary skilled workers hired from Quad-City union halls and 250 technical experts from other Exelon Generation facilities supported Cordova nuclear plant’s 800 employees during the refueling outage.

At full power, the Quad-Cities Generating Station’s two generating units produce more than 1,800 megawatts of electricity, which could power more than 1.5 million typical American homes.

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