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A new and improved version of the NotCompatible malware targeting Android with spam email messages is now up and running, researchers said.

While the mobile malware is not new, its authors have adapted it to be even more dangerous, by changing its infection method, said the researchers at Mobile security firm Lookout.

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“Back in May 2012 we first reported on NotCompatible, a remote proxy threat distributed by hacked websites. Once installed, the NotCompatible malware acts as a proxy, thereby allowing its owner to transmit and receive network data through the infected device,” warned Lookout.

“Since the initial detection, we’ve continued to actively monitor NotCompatible, and it showed relatively low activity levels with occasional moderate spikes.

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“That’s all changed over the past few days, as we’ve seen a sudden surge in detection data across the Mobile Threat Network – peaking at almost 20,000 detections per day between Sunday and Monday this past weekend.”

Lookout urged Android users to extra vigilant of suspicious emails to avoid falling victim to the scam.

“To stay safe, be wary of any emails that have the subject line Hot News. Just as if you’re on your PC, use common sense when clicking on links from your phone. If your mobile device unexpectedly starts downloading a file that you weren’t expecting, don’t click, delete it,” Lookout spokesman said.

The malware is one of many to hit the Android system. With its incredible popularity, Android is also a top target for attackers.

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