Mid-market enterprises have high confidence in their cybersecurity defenses, but they struggle to defend against malicious activity that has become more sophisticated and targeted, a new survey said.

The data showed the disparity between what IT professionals believe versus the reality of their security posture.

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Ninety-five percent of IT professionals believe their cybersecurity posture is above average to great, yet 100 percent of these same respondents report their organization’s cybersecurity could improve in one or more areas, according to the survey from Arctic Wolf Networks.

Additional data includes:
• 72 percent of respondents report their role covers so many different areas it is difficult to focus on IT security as much as they should.
• 50 percent of the respondents said security is so complex, they don’t know where to start to improve their organization’s security posture.
• 51 percent said they would like their organization to assign more budget and/or resources to IT security.

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“Most mid-market enterprises believe they are safe because they have the traditional perimeter defenses in place,” said Brian NeSmith, chief executive of Arctic Wolf Networks. “This falls far short of what’s needed for rigorous security in today’s complex threat environment. The challenge smaller enterprises face is that they have all the same security issues as large enterprises with only a fraction of the budget and less specialized personnel.”

The survey polled 200 IT decision makers in the United States who have involvement in their organization’s cybersecurity programs.

Despite their overly optimistic view of their own security structure, the survey found organizations are struggling with several cybersecurity challenges, including:
• 90 percent said they need the capability to detect and respond to threats beyond their traditional perimeter defenses.
• 50 percent indicate security alerts end up investigated “when IT staff have time.”
• 77 percent of security alerts end up investigated after more than hour.
• 52 percent of security alerts end up investigated after more than one day.
• 63 percent said they may not be able to stop Zero Day threats.
• 88 percent report having a security operations center would improve their company’s security.

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