Attacks targeting operational technology (OT) networks has been accelerating significantly over the past few years.

Just last week the Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory on a vulnerability in a popular smart building automation system that would allow an attacker to gain full access through an undocumented backdoor script.

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As a response, organizations are shifting responsibilities for OT security to IT teams. The catch is though, traditional IT tools are not designed to monitor or secure industrial devices.

In an effort help organizations quickly understand the security posture of their OT environments, OT network monitoring provider, Indegy, introduced a complimentary OT HealthCheck service.

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All qualifying participants with a valid need to protect industrial assets will be accepted. Submission must be sent by an authorized employee of the organization and must have a valid company email address.

An organization will have to upload a packet capture (.pcap) file, and within a week it will receive a detailed report with its OT security status and vulnerabilities that includes:
• Inventory of all communicating devices
• Risk score for every asset
• Potential threats that exist in the environment
• Graphical representation of network characteristics and assets at risk

Click here to begin the OT HealthCheck service.

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