Indegy, a network monitoring provider, launched a risk assessment service designed to help organizations evaluate operational technology (OT) exposure.

Reports have said attacks are underway against critical infrastructure sectors, so many industrial organizations are re-evaluating their security risk management practices.

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The Indegy Risk Assessment Service enables executives, managers, security analysts and automation engineers to immediately understand the specific vulnerabilities and security gaps in their environments.

The service provides a view that identifies risks, maps them to their origin and scores the severity to provide a blueprint for remediation. The Indegy Risk Assessment Service takes into account cyber threats, malicious insider security alerts, known vulnerabilities and specific control device configurations that may expose them to potentially malicious threats.

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The service combines network traffic monitoring and analysis with device integrity assessment capabilities to identify account-related issues, insider threats, known vulnerabilities, open network ports, and control device configuration problems.

Once the assessment has been completed, organizations are provided a detailed report that includes a risk score for each asset and the network in general.

The Risk Assessment Service is available immediately and it can provide useful information for executives, managers, IT personnel, security analysts, and automation engineers, Indegy said.

“Most industrial organizations are now realizing that their OT environment is at risk more than ever before and they need to implement new security controls. Their biggest challenge is knowing where to start,” said Mille Gandelsman, CTO of Indegy.

“Our Risk Assessment Service provides facilities operators with clear and documented visibility into all the risks, vulnerabilities and exposures in their OT networks,” Gandelsman said. “More importantly it delivers an actionable blueprint for closing security gaps that can and have taken down mission critical operations.”

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