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Industrial Defender unveiled new technology releases that offer a foundation for sustainable security and compliance management programs.

Security Event Manager, Compliance Manager and related agents deliver efficiencies in security event and change management, and support customers’ evolving infrastructure requirements. By automating key security and compliance activities, Industrial Defender customers can drive long-term strategies for monitoring, managing and protecting automation systems.

“Organizations managing automation systems must ensure the long-term security and compliance of those systems, while maintaining availability and reliability,” said John Shaw, senior vice president of products and technology at Industrial Defender.

Capabilities delivered by the latest versions of Security Event Manager, Compliance Manager and related agents include:

Cyber Security

o Efficient security event management: Security Event Manager provides real-time security and health activity monitoring across automation systems, networks and applications. Enhancements to the technology reduce manual requirements by automating key functions – delivering more efficient security management and increasing security. Security event filters enable users to identify security events that present the greatest concern. Agent management introduces new centralized, remote agent management, which reduce management requirements. Centralized event data collection through a single embedded agent increases security by eliminating two-way communication.

• Integration with the change management process: Compliance Manager provides automated collection, analysis and reporting to support immediate and future audit requirements. New capabilities help customers better understand changes across their environment which might impact regulatory compliance (e.g., NERC CIP, CFATS) and adherence to corporate technology standards (e.g., configurations, changes and patches).

• Extended support of the automation systems environment: As automation infrastructures evolve, security and compliance management solutions must continue to support those changing environments. Industrial Defender expanded support for automation systems, legacy operating systems, network protocols and other control network technologies.

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