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By Gregory Hale

Looking around the manufacturing automation sector, it becomes abundantly clear safety and security are key industry segments that need a voice. That is where Industrial Safety and Security Source ( comes in.

We are the only web-based information provider devoted solely to keeping manufacturers current on safety, cyber and physical security news, products, features, applications and trends in the manufacturing automation sector.

In a world where industry professionals strive to stay one step ahead of the cyber bad guys and remain devoted to making sure plant personnel stay safe at all times, our mission is to be the one-stop web resource that provides safety and security information that will help manufacturers find the right solution to improve the way they do business. Industrial Safety and Security Source ( will offer news, features, analysis, research, blogs and opinions on safety and security issues.

Cyber Security

While all readers will be able learn the latest news from, for those that want to dig deeper into safety and security realm, there is a yearly or subscription fee. For an introductory launch price of $99 per year ($129 per year after June), readers will be able to gain open access to all content on our growing site. You will be able to read over all the news, features, trends, research, white papers, and opinions across the safety and security sector. The good part is once you sign up for the $99 launch fee, that price will never change for as long as you keep renewing. Or, if you want to read over an individual premium story, there will be a fee of $10.

Let’s face it, safety and security incidents continue to occur at break-neck speed and staying on top of the quickly evolving industry is vital to enhancing your career.

From the chemical plant disaster in Bhopal, India in December 1984 that released a lethal amount of toxic gas resulting in the exposure of over 500,000 people, to the Texas City, Texas blast in 2005, to the explosion and fire at the Anacortes, Wash., refinery in early April that left six dead and others seriously injured, safety issues need to remain at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds.

Likewise, security incidents continue to grow on a daily basis. From the pure physical side of the coin to the digital side, the relatively “new” concept of cyber security needs to become second nature to everyone – something that just doesn’t occur right now. A hacked system not only means the process is in danger, it also means the safety of plant personnel and the surrounding area could be in peril.

Reported cyber incidents continue to climb, according to the 2009 Annual Report on Cyber Security Incidents and Trends Affecting Industrial Control Systems released by the Security Incidents Organization.

Organizations with top executives not involved in cyber security decisions face a serious problem that could include a major hit to their bottom lines.

“Many organizations see cyber security as solely an IT problem,” said Karen Hughes, director of homeland security standards programs at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). “The message is this is a very serious issue, and it’s costing you a lot of money.”

If you really look at it a user can avoid 80% to 90% of cyber security problems by using a combination of best practices, standards and security technology. However, some organizations need to fully understand the financial problems associated with poor security practices before they will make changes.

Whether it is a safety or security incident, it all boils down to loss of productivity, which means taking a hit to the bottom line. While we all know the answer, the question needs to be asked: In these difficult economic times, can any one afford to take that risk? aims to be the source that brings together a truly intelligent, informed, and passionate cross-section of industry professionals so everyone can unite to ensure manufacturing automation practitioners can keep their enterprise a productive and profitable endeavor.

We also know we can’t do it alone. So, please feel free to share your ideas, tips and suggestions with me at Ideas are always welcome.

Working together, we can make a difference.

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