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Plenty of companies were scurrying Monday to ensure their customers/users were safe and secure after a virus found July 14 infiltrated Siemens software Simatic WinCC and PCS 7.
What it will all mean for the industry in the coming days, weeks or months is still not sure, but this also puts the industry on watch that a cyber attack can happen anytime and anywhere. All that alarmist talk is not hype, it is fact: An attack is only a click away.
Siemens is not just one of those companies that keeps its head buried in the sand and says a cyber attack won’t happen to us. The company uses state of the art technology to keep the bad guys out.
Now, time will tell about what happened in this scenario and there may be issues involved where there was total human error, but rest assured this is a warning shot over the bow to the entire industry to remain vigilant.
How much this is going to cost the company and its customers remains up in the air as it is just breaking, but you can imagine it has already cost in the millions in lost production and in man hours.
The catch is, they really still don’t have a handle on it as they said in their latest release: “The company immediately assembled a team of experts to evaluate the situation and is working with Microsoft and the distributors of virus scan programs, to analyze the likely consequences and the exact mode of operation of the virus.
“It has so far been established that the Trojan, which spreads via USB sticks and uses a Microsoft security breach, can affect Windows computers from XP upward.”
Siemens and Microsoft will eventually fix the problem, but again, this is just a warning for all companies to get a plan and remain on alert.
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