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By Gregory Hale
Cyber security is one of the key elements moving forward in Invensys Operations Management’s new modernization program, which offers a plan to users to upgrade its technology and its entire plant enterprise.

“Modernization is not only for a DCS, we need it to modernize the plant,” said Nathalie Marcotte, vice president of marketing at Invensys Operations Management at the 2012 North America Invensys Foxboro User Group meeting in Boston Tuesday. “When we think of modernization, we need to look at the whole picture.

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“Today’s manufacturers face new challenges,” said Dave Gaertner, modernization practice director at Invensys Operations Management. “Companies are looking for a holistic view of modernization.”

“Companies are seeking to modernize their plants with a holistic view of their business requirements instead of making like-for-like equipment replacements. Taking advantage of their existing assets, modernization allows companies to link their business and production processes; remove traditional barriers to collaboration; and empower their most valuable resource, their people.”

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Modernization has four common objectives:
• Risk of Failure
• Automation and business system increased business value
• Integrating new systems
• Securing systems from cyber attack

Invensys sees the need for manufacturers to remain cyber secure and older legacy systems are lacking the technology, so that is why one of the pillars of its program focuses on cyber security.

“Viruses like Stuxnet have challenged the industry over the past few years,” Gaertner said.

Four areas they focus on are cyber intrusion avoidance, intrusion detection, hardening and integration to active directories.

The key methodology for a modernization lifecycle centers around strategies and initiatives; identify and prioritize; business opportunities realized; match objectives to high priority issues; develop a plan; provide definitive and budgetary proposals.

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