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By Gregory Hale
Change is inherent in today’s manufacturing environment. Yes, some technology may be long in the tooth, but change is inevitable and a modernization plan will help companies move forward.

Changing technology: The Purdue model was the state of the art in the 80s, the MES convergence was in the 90s and it was enterprise convergence in the 2000s.

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“The speed of business is changing,” said Rick Morse, vice president for the Control and Safety Solutions business of Invensys Operations Management during the product roadmap discussion during the 2012 North America Invensys Foxboro User Group conference in Boston Tuesday. “With automation advances, what used to take 50 people to do years ago can now be done by one person.”

That is what Invensys’ modernization program is all about, embracing change to gain more perspective and stronger productivity from people and technology.

Cyber Security

“There used to be manual labor and we replaced that with PLCs and DCS’s and now we are changing to a new era. We are going to decision support automation,” Morse said. “We are going to tie all the technology together and put it into context. That means we change to a knowledge worker from a manual worker.”

“The whole game will change as we go to a whole new perspective on what we can help you do,” he said. “The speed of business and the speed of money are getting closer together.”

With modernization, “We are reinventing from the inside out.”

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