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Two admitted LulzSec hackers will stay out of prison in Ireland after they took part in a probation program.

Darren Martyn, 21, and Donnacha O’Cearbhaill, 20, both of Ireland, will not have to spend any time behind bars for the attack they launched on Fine Gael’s 2011 election website. In addition, the two will not have criminal records.

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Martyn and O’Cearbhaill are the first to undergo prosecution in Ireland for hacking.

They pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them in July. At the time, a judge ordered them to take part in a Probation Service program.

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Judge Ann Ryan said she is happy with the fact they’ve put their expertise to good use during this period, which is why they will not have to serve jail time.

Martyn and O’Cearbhaill do have to pay Fine Gael $6,780 each to cover the costs of restoring the website, with half of the money going to a suicide prevention charity.

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