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Skybox Security will integrate with ICS network monitoring provider, SecurityMatters to provide critical infrastructure organizations with visibility of their IT and operational technology (OT) networks.

The threat to critical infrastructure continues its dramatic rise, making the need for effective, unified security management paramount.

Attackers have been applying threats common to IT networks, such as social engineering, ransomware and vulnerability exploits, to industrial networks, and are using IT assets as a gateway to reach OT systems. What’s more, the threat actors are no longer purely nation states. With advanced attack tools and techniques readily available on the dark web, cybercriminals have increasingly targeted critical infrastructure organizations who cannot afford downtime or where a successful attack could have notoriously disastrous effects.

Despite the increased threat, the continued convergence of IT and OT presents great opportunities to improve efficiency and monitoring in industrial organizations. Because of this, critical infrastructure organizations are increasingly consolidating their security operation centers so IT and OT security teams will work side-by-side in a single unit. But this convergence also brings with it limited visibility — especially of OT assets and their interaction with the corporate IT network — and increased complexity from which many security management issues stem.

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Skybox and SecurityMatters understand visibility is key to security and have integrated their solutions so hybrid networks, including physical IT and OT as well as virtual and cloud environments, can be unified in a single network model and security managed holistically.

“If you can’t see your network, you can’t protect it,” said Skybox chief executive and founder Gidi Cohen. “Thinking of your production network as something entirely separate from the corporate network is no longer realistic. Attackers understand the connection, as we’ve seen with BlackEnergy and even WannaCry. Defenders need to do the same. They need to see all their assets, as well as all the paths and devices that go into the making the modern industrial network — and what vulnerabilities they hold.”

With the unified network model, security teams have complete visibility in a seamless, interactive space to analyze paths end to end, understand and manage vulnerabilities throughout the environment, and enhance threat detection information with the context of the network as a whole.

“We have worked with several customers recently that have all required holistic IT/OT visibility, and we believe that with Skybox we are offering the most complete solution on the market to all of them,” said Damiano Bolzoni, chief executive of SecurityMatters.

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