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In what seems a never ending line of recalls, Johnson & Johnson is bring back more than 700,000 bottles or packages of Tylenol and other consumer medicines made at a now-closed plant.

J&J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit recalled one lot of Tylenol 8 Hour Extended Release Caplets, or 34,056 bottles, from retailers, the company said.

The company cited a musty odor that has prompted other J&J recalls. The company made the product at its Fort Washington, PA, plant before J&J closed the facility in April 2010.

Separately, McNeil added 10 lots of other products, amounting to 717,696 bottles or packages, to a wholesale level recall it initiated January 14. Those products included various forms of pain reliever Tylenol, as well as allergy drug Benadryl and cough/cold medicine Sudafed.

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In that recall, McNeil said it was taking precautions after a review of records found instances where equipment cleaning procedures were insufficient or they did not adequately document cleaning, although it said that was unlikely to have hurt product quality.

J&J has recalled more than 300 million bottles and packages of adult and children’s consumer medicines in the past 15 months. Although officials cannot link any injuries to the recalls, they have sullied J&J’s reputation, pressured its share price and sparked Congressional investigations.

Three J&J manufacturing plants are now under the supervision of U.S. health authorities.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the action, called a consent decree, prevents McNeil from making consumer medicines at a large plant in Fort Washington, PA, until the agency certifies the company corrected its quality lapses.

It also sets a strict timetable to rectify manufacturing problems at McNeil’s plants still operating in Lancaster, PA and Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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