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A Lithuanian man accused of swindling $100 million from Google and Facebook will be extradited to the United States, a judge ruled Monday.

“The court has ruled in favor of extraditing Lithuanian citizen Evaldas Rimasauskas to the United States for criminal prosecution,” said Lithuanian Judge, Aiva Surviliene.

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Rimasauskas, 48, was arrested in March in the Baltic state at the request of U.S. authorities, who accuse him of deceiving the tech giants in 2013-2015 by posing as a large Asia-based hardware vendor.

Facebook and Google are mentioned in the indictment, Rimasauskas’s lawyer said in a published report.

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Rimasauskas used “email accounts that were designed to create the false appearance that they were sent by employees and agents” of the Asian manufacturer, U.S. prosecutors said.

He is also accused of forging invoices, contracts and letters to trick the companies into wiring over $100 million to overseas bank accounts under his control, the prosecutors said.

The scam was pulled off using deception and no Google systems ended up hacked, said officials at the California-based Internet giant.

If convicted, Rimasauskas faces a maximum of 20 years in prison, the judge said.

Rimasauskas’s lawyer, Snieguole Uzdaviniene, said she would appeal the extradition decision.

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