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Kaspersky Lab released its Kaspersky Threat Hunting, a suite of services designed to enhance the efficiency of protecting against targeted attacks.

The suite includes two services – Kaspersky Managed Protection and Targeted Attack Discovery. These services are designed to equip IT security teams with expertise for detecting and analyzing advanced threats, in particular, the fileless threats and non-malware attacks frequently used by cybercriminals.

According to the Kaspersky Lab Global IT Security Risks Survey 2017, failing to detect a security incident within a week can more than double a company’s financial losses from $451,000 to $1.2 million. Ensuring the quick detection of a threat requires considerable resources and excellent professional skills, which businesses are also struggling to acquire according to the survey.

As the toolkits used by cybercriminals become more and more sophisticated, Kaspersky Lab experts can help companies detect and analyze advanced threats that have already penetrated the corporate infrastructure.

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Kaspersky Threat Hunting provides large companies with 24/7 access to the expertise of the Kaspersky Lab threat hunters team. For companies not yet ready to hire in-house computer forensics specialists, the suite provides an opportunity to outsource the proactive search and analysis of suspicious activity, while those businesses that already have established SOC teams obtain additional resources and expertise for detecting complex attacks.

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