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It is no secret, Industrial Control Systems remain under siege.

Join on May 21, at 11 a.m. for a webcast to learn more about how to protect your systems from attacks that seem more plentiful and sophisticated. By some estimates, attacks are coming at a rate of every three minutes and this constant barrage of assaults keeps jarring a battered system.

EMET, Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, is a great layer of security that Windows users can and should use to enhance the security of applications. And yes, it does apply to Industrial Control Systems.

Join Honeywell Process Solutions’ Chief Cyber Security Architect Mike Baldi and Industrial Safety and Security Source Editor Gregory Hale for a May 21 Webcast detailing how to keep your systems running and profitable.

Cyber Security

EMET gives users the ability to deploy security mitigation technologies to arbitrary applications, which helps prevent vulnerabilities — especially line of business and third party apps.

EMET can also help customers manage and test mitigations against any software and provide feedback on their experience to the vendor.

• Learn about what EMET is and how it can help keep your system up and running
• Technical overview of current EMET mitigations
• Where does “mitigation protection” fit in a defense-in-depth strategy
• Considerations for integrating EMET into an Industrial Control System
• Lessons learned – our recommendation for other ICS vendors

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