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Kepware Technologies released KEPServerEX version 5.18.

Key enhancements offer additional device connectivity and an improved user experience for customers in multiple vertical industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, and power & utilities.

Kepware is a software development company focused on communications for automation.

“Our latest product release is an excellent example of the importance Kepware places on customer feedback,” said Tony Paine, Kepware chief executive. “Our commitment to addressing customers’ needs prompted important usability and feature enhancements—including real-time tag edits and expanded support for ABB’s measurement and monitoring technologies.”

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KEPServerEX version 5.18 includes the following updates:
• The Media Level Redundancy plug-in now supports a user-configurable triggering mechanism that can initiate failover based on single point value change, quality change, or rate of change. This capability supports high-reliability tunneling with Kepware’s OPC UA-based tunneling solution.
• The KEPServerEX platform now allows changes to tag definitions in real-time. These changes apply to existing and new clients, and ensure the integrity of all connected clients.
• The ABB Totalflow driver now supports liquid Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) data collection. It also has the ability to retrieve Trend Log files from Totalflow devices (which log real-time data points like flow rates, pressures, and temperatures) and make them available via CSV files.

“ABB Totalflow remote measurement and automation systems are proven to dramatically increase the accuracy, efficiency, safety, and productivity of oil and gas facilities,” said Scott Peterson, U.S. Sales Manager, ABB. “In a market where accurate measurement and efficient operations are critical, ABB can significantly benefit from the support of a leading communications provider like Kepware.”

KEPServerEX version 5.18 also features updates to 32 products, including significant enhancements to the OPC UA Client driver, Advanced Tags plug-in, and Scheduler plug-in. It includes new Fisher ROC and ROC Plus Ethernet drivers for the Fisher ROC Suite, along with additional OpCode support in all ROC Suite drivers. Kepware also recently released ClientAce version, a .NET developer toolkit that enables applications programmers to design custom OPC clients.

For more information, click on Kepware Technologies.

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