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The Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation is facing a $232,000 fine for a Severity Level II violation related to retaliation against a contract employee who reported a safety concern at the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant, said officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

The Wolf Creek plant is 55 miles south of Topeka.

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The violation of NRC requirements for employee protection is related to the contract employee filing a condition report during Wolf Creek’s 2016 refueling outage, as well as raising concerns directly to plant management.

The NRC’s investigation concluded the plant retaliated against the contract employee with an adverse employment action.

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NRC staff met with company representatives Sept. 10 to discuss the violation in a pre-decisional enforcement conference.

Company officials contested the violation while also providing the NRC with information about long-term corrective actions.

NRC said the corporation has 30 days to dispute the fine or seek mediation.

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