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Visibility into any potential safety problems will save money for manufacturers in the long run.
Just take a look at a report from the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, which conducted 15 free on-site visits, or “consultative surveys,” last month for employers across the state.

As a result of these confidential surveys, employers corrected 87 serious conditions that could have affected up to 3,197 employees and could have resulted in enforcement penalties of up to $609,000.

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The Labor Cabinet’s Division of Occupational Safety & Health Education & Training leads the Cabinet’s proactive efforts to create safe and healthful workplace conditions. This includes providing free consultative surveys to employers in an effort to increase workplace safety by improving injury and illness rates. Employers who make use of the Division’s consultative surveys do not face penalties unless violations are not corrected.

Employers and employees all across Kentucky and the nation also have access to cost-free safety and health eLearning programs on the Labor Cabinet’s eTrain website. The Division also offers cost-free OSHA training courses, or “Population Center Training” throughout the state. Proactive approaches to workplace safety, like the ones developed by the Cabinet’s education and training team, are proven methods that reduce workplace injuries and can help employers from paying increased workers’ compensation premiums.

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According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Kentucky employers recorded the lowest incident rate for nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in the state’s history last year.

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