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L-com Global Connectivity now offers USB 2.0 Micro-B and Mini-B 5 position LSZH cable assemblies.

L-com’s LSZH USB cable assemblies are for use in areas where toxic smoke from standard cables could damage sensitive equipment and for use in enclosed areas where air quality is a concern. These cables are for installations that prohibit the use of PVC and utilize Micro-B and Mini-B 5 position USB connectors.

“When an application calls for the restriction of PVC, L-com provides our customers the ability to source and install cables in full compliance without sacrificing quality or availability,”┬ásaid Dave Gallagher, L-Com product manager.

These new cables feature double-shielded 28/28 AWG LSZH cabling, 30u gold plated connectors that stand up to repeated mating cycles and LSZH jackets and over molds. They are available in five off-the-shelf lengths from 0.3 meters to 3 meters.

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