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Homes in Lincoln Parish, LA, ended up evacuated Sunday after a pipeline leaked ammonia, officials said.

People who lived within a mile of the leak were asked to shelter-in-place. The gas leak was shut off by the pipeline company, Sheriff’s Department officials said. The evacuation order lifted Monday.

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The leak happened near 2629 LA Hwy 822 just east of LA Hwy 33. Hwy 822 is currently closed off between LA Hwy 33 and Barlett Road. 

As a result of the leak, the state highway in Lincoln Parish will be closed for an unspecified period of time for cleanup.

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The parish Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness office and Louisiana Department of Transportation of Development issued the advisory Tuesday. 

Louisiana 822 initially reopened around noon Monday but was then shut down between Louisiana 33 and Bartlet Road until further notice due to further remediation efforts at the site. 

During the closure, crews will began a flaring operation to burn off the remaining residue between the ammonia leak site and the flaring site. 

When the burn off is complete, cleanup efforts will concentrate on removing the saturated dirt at the location and completing necessary repairs.

Bus traffic in the area for Lincoln Parish Schools has been discontinued until the process is completed and the site is cleared. 

Local residents outside the 1000-feet radius of the leak were previously allowed to return home, but no access through the work site will be permitted.

According to DOTD, pipeline officials are hopeful the operation will conclude by Thursday. 

A HazMat emergency was declared in Lincoln Parish after 6 p.m. Sunday when the pipeline leak was reported in the vicinity of 2629 Louisiana 822. 

First responders evacuated homes closest to the leak while other nearby residents were encouraged to shelter in-place during the emergency. 

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