Even though its 40-year license to operate expired Saturday, Entergy’s Indian Point’s Unit 3 reactor gained Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approval to continue operating.

The NRC indicated this new action in its November statement about its inspection of Indian Point in Buchanan, New York.

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“In conjunction with Indian Point Unit 3 soon entering the Period of Extended Operations, we have completed inspections in accordance with our Reactor Oversight Process to determine whether Entergy has appropriately carried out license renewal commitments at Indian Point Unit 3,” the NRC said.

Prior to this inspection the NRC conducted three separate license renewal inspections that have reviewed 44 license renewal commitments.

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“The report,” the NRC continued, “documenting the results of the most recent inspection, which was performed last month, is attached. The inspection assessed Entergy’s activities related to updating the license renewal application; identification process for new equipment that may be subject to license renewal requirements; update of the Indian Point final safety analysis report; and the implementation of several commitments to manage the effects of aging on specific equipment. The NRC has determined that the processes are being properly implemented and the commitments reviewed have been appropriately implemented. Overall, there were no areas of concern identified.”

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