LILIN adopted Micron ‘s latest ultra high-capacity microSD card for its video surveillance cameras.

The IP video surveillance market continues to expand in multiple vertical markets, and the demand for high performance, highly stable image storage has grown with it, especially where video analysis, cloud services and AI intelligence end up deployed.

In order to keep up with the growth, LILIN adopted Micron’s latest ultra high-capacity microSD card, available with 1TB, 256GB and 512GB capacity, for its video surveillance cameras featuring edge capabilities.

The microSD card empowers LILIN camera users to capture and store more than three months of high-quality video footage on-device or at the edge.

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LILIN cameras featuring IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) provide edge capabilities including Motion Detection, Tampering Detection, Advanced Motion Detection, Tripwire, Traffic Light Detection and Object Counting.

The ability to store large video footage files in LILIN cameras with a Micron card reduces the demand for network bandwidth and expenditures associated with continuous cloud storage. These savings contribute to lowering the overall cost of LILIN camera ownership for businesses while bringing flexibility and scalability.

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