Lilin’s DHD516A 16-channel hybrid network video recorder allows users to bring in IP cameras to their surveillance systems as needs arise.

LILIN’s DHD516A 16-channel hybrid network video recorder allows users to introduce IP cameras to their surveillance systems as their needs and budget allow, while preserving their initial analog camera investment without sacrificing video storage capacity.

LILIN hybrid technology lets security professionals extend the life of existing analog standard resolution cameras while adding up to 16 IP high-definition cameras. By installing the DHD516A, LILIN customers can phase in the latest IP camera technology to support their security needs at their own pace.

Bridging the gap between analog CCTV and IP-based networked digital video, the LILIN DHD516A prepares small- to mid-size video surveillance systems for the future. It incorporates legacy features, such as mobile device solutions, 8TB HDD storage, P2P support, HDMI 4K video output, plus simultaneous capture, search, playback and backup capabilities.

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AHD, CVI, TVI, standard analog and IP Nework cameras can be recorded simultanuously at speeds of up to 480fpa (IP) and 400 fps (analog). High efficiency H.264 compression frees up 80 percent of bandwidth usage compared to MJPEG storage while maintaining the same quality of images, a matter of particular importance for installations that cover multiple sites or have limited bandwidth. In addition, the DHD516A provides PTZ control and digital zoom to give users a more immersive viewing experience, heightened situational awareness, and wider surveillance coverage.

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