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Flow Dynamics Inc., which provides primary standard, NIST-traceable flow calibration equipment and services, will conduct liquid and gas flow measurement training classes during November 2010 at its facility in Scottsdale, AZ.
The classes are for managers, engineers, technicians and QA/QC personnel seeking an understanding of basic flow measurement principles and application considerations.
A three-day liquid flow measurement training class will be November 3-5, and a three-day gas flow measurement training class will be November 8-10. The job requirements of system design and production personnel are the key factors for the classed, which also offer practical, “hands-on” instruction in a wide range of flow-related disciplines.
Students attending a training course will learn how to apply the latest flow meter designs in industrial applications. Classes include a thorough overview of flow meter selection, with advantages and disadvantages of each technology, as well as guidelines for meter usage.
In particular, attendees at the liquid course will gain an understanding of the strengths and weakness of different technologies and how to make the best compromises for the application, as well as density and viscosity effects on flow meter performance. Those participating in the gas course will learn about Gas Law calculations and how they apply to gas flow measurements.
For more information, or to register for an upcoming flow measurement training class, please go to Flow Dynamics training.

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