Liquid-tight flexible electrical conduit is now available from AutomationDirect in steel and non-metallic styles and in 3/8-inch to two-inch sizes.

The Liquatite conduit by Electri-flex is designed for a wide range of uses in the electrical industry, including motors, lighting, electric signs, elevators, pools/fountains, enclosure connections, and more.

Type LA flexible steel conduit offers outstanding protection against wet, oily conditions and is good for use in exposed or concealed locations.

The flexible inner core is made from a spiral-wound strip of heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel. Type LA conduit is suitable for dry working temperatures of -22°F to 176°F, wet applications of -22°F to 140°F and in oily conditions of -22°F to 158°F. Starting at $28, Type LA conduit is available in 25, 50, and 100-foot rolls.

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Type ATLA flexible steel conduit is designed specifically for extreme hot or cold environments.

The PVC jacket remains flexible at low temperature, flame retardant, and resists aging at elevated temperatures. The flexible inner core is constructed from a spiral-wound strip of heavy gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel. Type ATLA conduit is suitable for high temperature machine tool wiring, outdoor installations in cold climates and is permitted for use in exposed or concealed locations. Starting at $105, Type ATLA conduit is available in 50 & 100-foot rolls.

Type SLA flexible shielded liquid-tight conduit is designed for wiring applications requiring protection of sensitive electronic circuits used in communications, radar, and data transmission from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Type SLA conduit is suitable for use in hazardous locations: Class I, Div. 2 and Classes II and III, as well as air handling equipment (HVAC), ship building, and medical diagnostics equipment. Starting at $429.00, Type SLA conduit is available in 50 and 100-foot rolls.

Type NM is a general purpose, non-metallic liquid-tight conduit that offers excellent protection to wiring from abrasion, sunlight, mild acids, alkaline, and oils. Helically wound integral Type B construction containing a spiral of rigid PVC reinforcement embedded within the PVC wall. Listed and marked for outdoor use, direct burial and in poured concrete, Type NM conduit works well with electric signs and outdoor lighting over 1000V. Starting at $30, type NM conduit is available in 50 and 100-foot rolls.

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