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El Paso Corp. “isolated” part of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Panola County, Mississippi, after an explosion last week.

Personnel were responding to the leak near the town of Batesville, said Richard Wheatley, a Houston-based spokesman. The company was first aware of the incident after a compressor-station operator observed a pressure change on the system at 8:30 p.m., he said.

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“We do not have a cause and we cannot speculate on the cause of the incident,” said Wheatley. “An investigation will be getting under way this week.”

Twenty homes near the incident were evacuated, and there were no injuries, he said.

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Tennessee Gas Pipeline is one of the several interstate pipelines that make up El Paso Corporation’s Pipeline Group and consists of 14,000 miles of pipeline stretching from the Mexican border to Canada.

Tapping supply regions in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Appalachia, and Canada, the Tennessee system serves markets across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions, including major metropolitan centers such as Chicago, New York, and Boston.

Tennessee’s assets receive natural gas supplies from Canada, including Nova Scotia, and emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard, as well as emerging domestic supplies from several shale regions.

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