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Blockchain is the rage and now the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking innovative solutions from startups to enhance anti-forgery and counterfeiting capabilities for digital documentation through a new solicitation, “Preventing Forgery and Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses.”

The new solicitation under DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) seeks solutions that use Blockchain and distributive ledger technology to issue digital documentation in a way that prevents fraud, counterfeiting and forgery.

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It is open to startups and small businesses that have not had a government contract in the past 12 months totaling $1 million or more and that have under 200 employees at the time of application.

“SVIP is a bridge between the early-stage startup community and the Homeland Security Enterprise. DHS has need of the innovations coming from this community to ensure we are at least a step ahead of national security threats,” said S&T SVIP Managing Director Melissa Oh. “By releasing this solicitation, we are asking the innovation community to contribute to this work through the application of commercial solutions to homeland security use-cases.”

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This solicitation was released in partnership with Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Transportation Security Administration. This is the first SVIP solicitation supporting USCIS use-cases.

Applicants should consider the illustrative use-cases provided in the solicitation when applying. The proposed solution must be applicable to one, some or all of the following mission needs:
• Identity Documents for Travel
• Identity of Organizations and Organizational Delegates
• Tribal Identity Documents for Travel
• Citizenship, Immigration and Employment Authorization
• Cross-Border Oil Import Tracking
• Origin of Raw Material Imports

“Understanding the feasibility and utility of using Blockchain and distributive ledger technology for the digital issuance of what are currently paper-based credentials is critical to preventing their loss, destruction, forgery and counterfeiting,” said S&T SVIP Technical Director Anil John.

Companies participating in SVIP are eligible for up to $800,000 in non-dilutive funding over four phases. Participation in SVIP does not ensure procurement contracts with DHS or its components.

Click here for more information on “Preventing Forgery and Counterfeiting of Certificates and Licenses.”

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