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Workers at PPL Susquehanna Steam nuclear power plant in Salem Township, PA, are working to address a low-level security violation.

The violation, discovered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) during an inspection related to cyber security, and PPL spokesman Joe Scopelliti said it was a low risk infraction.

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Although the publicly available Nov. 25 letter from the NRC identified there was an issue, neither the federal agency nor PPL would release details, citing the sensitive nature of the matter.

The agency “decided years ago that this was the appropriate way to communicate security-related information as we try to balance letting the public know an issue has been identified without providing would-be attackers with specifics on vulnerabilities,” said NRC Public Affairs Officer Neil Sheehan.

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The violation will not lead to increased oversight at the plant, Sheehan said.

“Nevertheless, we are requiring the company to take actions to permanently address the issue and then notify us in writing that those steps have been completed,” Sheehan said. “We will follow up in future security inspections to ensure any fixes have been thorough and satisfactory.”

Sheehan noted PPL put measures in place to address security-related vulnerabilities associated with the violation on an interim basis before the inspectors left the site.

Scopelliti confirmed they are addressing the issue.

“We’re in the process of resolving it right now,” he said.

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