You hear it all the time, Apple machines and devices are more secure than anything else out there.

There are often two schools of thought behind that statement. One is Macs are more secure, or the other is Macs are not used as much in industry, so therefore, bad guys go after the more used Windows-based machines.

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As it turns out, Macs and Windows machines are facing tough security times on all fronts.

In the case of Apple’s desktop operating system, malware threats increased by 270 percent last year, said researchers at Malwarebytes.

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On top of that, four different major vulnerabilities were discovered in the first months of this year. That all being said, macOS malware could continue its growth curve for this year.

“In 2018, the state of Mac malware has evolved, with more and more threats targeting these so-called impervious machines,” said Thomas Reed at Malwarebytes.

Researchers mentioned the OSX.MaMi malware discovered by users which attempted to highjack DNS settings in order to direct Internet traffic to phishing sites.

Then, macOS was targeted by Dark Caracal, OSX.CreativeUpdate, and OSX.Coldroot, which once again compromised the security of macOS to confirm that no matter if they’re running Apple’s desktop operating system or a different platform, users should be more cautious when opening content from untrusted sources or visiting websites they don’t know.

“The average Mac user has no effective protection to prevent them from being infected with malware, much less the far more common threats posed by adware and PUPs. Worse, because they believe that there are no threats, they often do not exercise the same caution online that they would on a Windows machine,” Reed said in a post.

Apple said it would improve the security of its software in coming releases, as macOS and iOS have been hit by several major vulnerabilities in the last few months.

As a result, Apple is looking to reduce the focus on new features and spend more time boosting security and performance.

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