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Most factories discover too late they don’t have a backup of their CNC machine tool information. As everyone knows, time is money and the longer any kind of delay there is, the more it ends up costing.

To help avoid any delays and minimize downtime, there is a program that gives users remote access to a backup of their CNC machine tool information in the cloud. The service includes the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive set of backups of a manufacturer’s CNC machine tool data stored in a secure, remote location.

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“Adoption of cloud data storage is increasing because of its capacity and availability. CNC data is an ideal candidate for the cloud,” said Derrick Jordan, technical support engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “This service will be especially useful for those in the machining, drilling, aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical device industries, as well as for job shops and general manufacturing. Those companies that don’t currently have a backup storage solution of their own, can take advantage of our servers to securely store their data and access it 24/7.”

The need for a backup can be the result of different factors. If a physical backup is lost or never created prior to planned or unplanned downtime, a service engineer must research what data should be in the machine, then reprogram it and reset the parameters. A remote backup of the CNC data would eliminate this time-consuming process, and could prevent a service call altogether.

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The plan provides a link to the backup information stored on its servers. Backing up machines in advance of catastrophic, unplanned and planned downtime gives manufacturers the opportunity to more efficiently support the repair of controls and the installation of new control parts and functionality. The new service, which costs $125, allows plant managers, maintenance managers, machine operators and other manufacturing professionals to focus on CNC equipment’s efficiency.

Depending on the complexity of the data, service engineers estimate remote CNC data backups can save companies a few hours to a day or more per occurrence of routine maintenance or machine downtime.

Factory automation workers can calculate the true cost of downtime and how much they can potentially save by accessing the downtime cost estimator.

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