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Almost 10 million new malware strains have hit the world so far this year, researchers said.

This is already higher than the number of malware strains spotted last year, which means that we’re seeing a new record, according to Panda Security’s Quarterly Report for the third quarter of 2013. The study focuses on malware, DNS poisoning attacks and mobile threats.

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Close to 77 percent of all new malware samples identified in the last quarter were Trojans, followed by worms at 13 percent and viruses at 9 percent. Trojans were also responsible for most infections.

CryptoLocker is one of the most notable threats seen in the third quarter of 2013, according to the report.

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When it comes to mobile threats, Google’s Android platform continues to top the targeted list. However, experts note that some high-profile attacks also aimed at iOS.

The report also shows cybercriminals have increasingly relied on DNS cache poisoning techniques to target major companies such as Google, Microsoft and various security solutions providers.

Experts found Latin America remained the region most affected by malware. In China, almost 60 percent of computers had malware.

The lowest infection rates were in European countries such as the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.

Click here to download the Panda report for Q3 2013.

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