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Big surprise, there is a malware attack that focuses on taking control of Android devices. The problem is, the attack works really well.

This new malware uses victims’ mobile phone contacts to propagate, send messages to their contacts linking to offers for Amazon vouchers, which when opened, installs malware on their Android device.

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The attack, called Gazon, went live February 25 and originated in the U.S., said researchers at AdaptiveMobile.

So far, the malware has infected thousands of mobile devices in more than 30 countries around the world, including Canada, UK, France, India, Korea, Mexico, Australia and the Philippines.

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So far the attack created over 16,000 click-throughs across multiple channels including Facebook and email, but has SMS as the primary channel for distribution accounting for over 99 percent of the malicious messages.

“The speed with which this was able to spread round the globe shows how attackers are using mobile messaging as one of the most effective methods of distributing malware and achieving rapid global reach,” said Simeon Coney, senior vice president of the security practice at AdaptiveMobile.

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