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Over the this past third quarter over 20 million new strains of malware ended up created worldwide, which adds up to 227,747 new samples a day, a new survey said.

In addition, the global infection ratio was 37.93 percent, slightly up on the previous quarter (36.87 percent), said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs.

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Trojans are still the most common type of malware (78.08 percent). In second place come viruses (8.89 percent), followed by worms (3.92 percent).

“In these last months we have seen how cyber-crime has continued to grow,” Luis said. “Criminals haven’t ceased to create malware in order to infect as many systems as possible so as to access sensitive or confidential information.”

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“Corporate environments are also under attack,” he added. “In the last three months many large companies have been drawn into numerous scandals, including the so-called ‘Fappenning’, where nude photos of actresses and models hosted on Apple’s iCloud service were leaked, or the theft of passwords for Gmail and Dropbox.”

On the other hand, Trojans also accounted for most infections during this period, accounting for 75 percent of the total, compared with 62.80 percent in the previous quarter.

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) are still in second place, responsible for 14.55 percent of all infections, which is down on the second quarter figure of 24.77 percent. These end up followed by adware/spyware (6.88 percent), worms (2.09 percent), and viruses (1.48 percent).

With respect to the data across different countries, China still has the highest infection rates, at 49.83 percent, followed by Peru (42.38 percent) and Bolivia (42.12 percent).

The ranking of countries with the highest infection rates tops out with Asian and Latin American countries. Spain (at 38.37 percent) is also among the countries with infection rates above the global average.

Europe is the region with least infections, with nine countries in the top ten most secure. Norway (23.07 percent) and Sweden (23.44 percent) top the list, followed by Japan (24.02 percent), the only non-European country in the ranking. The UK is the fifth least infected country with a 25.11 percent infection rate.

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