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Malware almost always comes in disguise, but the trick is to look under the covers and find out what it is all about.

Trend Micro researchers just found a piece of malware that tried to pass itself off as “Trend Micro AntiVirus Plus AntiSpyware”

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The reality is the software in question is a Trojan that creates the process svchost.exe and downloads additional malicious components such as a Bitcoin miner application created by Ufasoft. This particular application will use the infected system’s resources to create Bitcoins for the cyber criminals.

“This attack is timely because of the news that Bitcoin Central has been approved by the law to function as a bank where exchange from Euro and Bitcoins are now possible,” the researchers said.

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It is, therefore, likely that we’ll soon see an uptick in Bitcoin-mining malware.

Users need to remember not to download software from unknown websites and be weary of following links embedded in unsolicited emails.

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