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Quality customer service always remains paramount in any business enterprise, apparently that even includes malware developers.

There is now a new variant of the bank-account-stealing ZeuS Trojan called Citadel, whose developers mainly address customers who remain dissatisfied with support offered by other malware providers, said security researcher Brian Krebs.

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“It’s no secret that the products in our field — without support from the developers — result in a piece of junk on your hard drive. Therefore, the product should be improved according to the wishes of our customers,” Citadel’s developers advertise.

“One problem is that you have probably experienced developers who ignore your instant messages, because there are many customers but there is only one developer,” they said.

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Because malware developers rarely patch bugs in their products so their customers benefit from improved version is a business opportunity for Citadel’s owners.

This is why they offer a bug reporting and a suggestion mechanism via a ticketing system, allowing customers to file as many complaints as they want without going through the trouble of contacting the developer on IM channels.

Clients can also submit their own applications in what appears to be a social network specially designed for malware developers and customers.

For around $2,400 plus a monthly fee, cyber criminals can purchase a Citadel package consisting of a bot builder and a botnet administration panel.

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