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The OPC Universal Connectivity Server, released by MatrikonOPC, allows vendors and OEMS to provide secure connectivity to every major control system and application on the market.
With native support for multi-protocol data connectivity, platform independence and enforced OPC security, vendors can now provide open connectivity and enable their products to openly communicate across the plant and the enterprise with systems like ERP software, HMIs, historians, and MES.
“The ability to effectively share data in diverse control environments is key to any control vendor’s success,” said Sean Leonard, Matrikon’s vice president of OPC products. “The Universal Connectivity Server specifically addresses this by providing secure data-connectivity in a plug-in format to DCS or PLC suites in one package. This ensures vendors have the connectivity their systems need without disrupting the development focus in their primary business—a strategic advantage in today’s highly competitive environment.”
With advanced plug-in technology, vendors and OEMs can add new protocols to the Universal Connectivity Server in just a few steps, making it possible to expand their solutions’ connectivity options as needed.
The server includes:
• One OPC server for different communication protocols: Modbus, Siemens PLC, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc PLCs and others
• Full support for OPC interfaces (DA, A&E, HDA and Security)
• High-speed data calculation using an advanced calculation engine
• Fully redundant application with configuration options
• Hierarchical and structural levels of OPC security configuration and permissions

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